Christmas 2023 Shelter News and Updates

Tree of Giving

The McCook Humane Society will be closed to the public on Saturday, December 23rd, and Monday, December 25th (we’re always closed on Sundays) in celebration of Christmas. Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us here at the McCook Humane Society.

Come check out our “Adopt-A-Kennel” program where our local individuals and businesses can show the community their support for our area’s homeless animals. This month’s (DECEMBER) Adopt-A-Kennel is from another anonymous wonderful friend who is asking for a Christmas Miracle. Her wish is that “All of our furkids find wonderful and forever homes before the holidays”. Ask about our “Adopt-A-Kennel Program”… It’s the perfect way to honor someone or memorialize them by adopting a kennel in their name. Call us for more information or visit our website for more information and to fill out a form online. You can also sponsor an adoption for one of our available pets if you’d like to help out in that way.

The Christmas Spirt of giving is all round at the McCook Humane Society! So many ways of giving… Come on in and grab a gift for your furkid from under our tree. We don’t want any furry family member being without a sweater so we’ve got a Free Sweater Giveaway going on! We’ve got a “Giving Tree”. If you’re struggling right now with pet related needs, you can put those needs in a Christmas card (labeled with a Reindeer name) on this tree (and remain anonymous). If you’re wanting to help someone in need, grab a card, help someone in need. We’ll make sure that the folks get their donated items.

We’ve had some very loving people come in and sponsor adoptions to help make sure that our temporarily homeless furry friends find homes for the holidays. Come on in and see who’s adoption fees have been completely paid for: Runa, Mr. Kat, Eeyore, Apricat, Sir Pumpkin Furchill, and Junapi.

Spay/Neuter Fees waived… A wonderfully generous anonymous donor has decided that it was time to let the dog’s at the shelter get help in finding homes also. This friend of the shelter started a spay/neuter reimbursement fund for them because, as she said, “they need help finding permanent loving homes also”. So, spay/neuter fees will be waived on all dogs who have been available for adoption for over 30 days, until this fund is depleted. At this time the spay/neuter reimbursement fees are still being waived for the felines. We will continue to waive the spay/neuter fees until the Linda Hedges/Mary Ellinger Memorial fund is depleted. We have truly seen a dramatic increase in the feline adoptions since we’ve been able to waive the spay/neuter fees for them, let’s see if it helps with their barking friends. If you’d like to make a contribution to help either of these funds continue, please make sure that you let us know that it’s for the fund. You can stop by, call us, email us, Facebook us, or reach out on the “Contact Us” form on our website for help. 

Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, Instagram or check us out on TikTok to keep up to date on all of the upcoming fun events, job openings and fundraisers and when checking out our website, make sure you check out our section featuring our Up To The Minute Pet Listings!

Did ya know… Holidays are a time for good food and fun, and lots of it! But, just like children, pets don’t always know what can be dangerous for them to eat or drink. That box of chocolates on the coffee table? It seems like a great snack.  It’s fun to grab a few when you’re watching TV. Your friends love to come to your house because the candy dish is always full. Well, someone else loves that chocolate, too, but instead of satisfying his sweet tooth, he could die from eating the chocolate. We are talking about your dog, your favorite furry family member. Our pets have a knack for getting into mischief, but it is up to us to keep them safe.  Medicine, chocolate and plants are some of the most common items that can poison our pets. A special and important project could be creating a refrigerator magnet, with the emergency number for your vet, as well as a list of some of the most common poisonous items, symptoms of poisoning and basic first aid tips, is a great way to share the knowledge you’ve gained about pet poisoning.  Do a search on the Internet to find a list of the most common poisonous plants eaten by pets, what to do if your pet is poisoned and first aid for pets. Get creative, have fun with it! Design a colorful background and use graphics or clip art to give your list an artistic flair. Remember that with the holidays upon us, there are most likely more sweets and treats lying around and we need to keep our “furry friends” from getting into them.

HAPPY TAILS! The following pets were adopted: Darby, Auggie, Mewlon, Tamora, Silver, Furrucine, Nali, Catalope, Purrmesan, Zara, Tessa, Mewcaroni and Pawsta!