April 9th is the next Nail Day

Come check out our “Adopt-A-Kennel” program where our local individuals and businesses can show the community their support for our area’s homeless animals. This month’s (APRIL) Adopt-A-Kennel is sponsored by Judy Ladehoff, in memory of her late husband Bill. Bill, missed by so many (furry and non-furry alike) truly loved all animals. A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support. It’s the perfect way to honor someone or memorialize them by adopting a kennel in their name. Call us for more information or visit our website www.mccookhumanesociety.com for more information and to fill out a form online. You can also sponsor an adoption for one of our available pets if you’d like to help out in that way.

Be looking out for a very special adoption that we’ve got coming up.

Saturday, April 9th is the next Nail Day, from 1pm until 3pm. It’s a special one. We’ll also be having a Microchip Clinic. We are looking forward to seeing you.

We’ve had some very loving people come in and sponsor adoptions to help make sure that our temporarily homeless furry friends find homes for the holidays. Come on in and see who’s adoption fees have been completely paid for: Jager, Malibu, Astro, Stuart and Dante. Some wonderful pets have found truly amazing forever homes because of these generous people.

Spay/Neuter Fees waived… A wonderfully generous anonymous donor has decided that it was time to let the dog’s at the shelter get help in finding homes also. This friend of the shelter started a spay/neuter reimbursement fund for them because, as she said, “they need help finding permanent loving homes also”. So, spay/neuter fees will be waived on all dogs who have been available for adoption for over 30 days, until this fund is depleted. At this time the spay/neuter reimbursement fees are still being waived for the felines. We will continue to waive the spay/neuter fees until the Linda Hedges/Mary Ellinger Memorial fund is depleted. We have truly seen a dramatic increase in the feline adoptions since we’ve been able to waive the spay/neuter fees for them, let’s see if it helps with their barking friends. If you’d like to make a contribution to help either of these funds continue, please make sure that you let us know that it’s for the fund. You can stop by, call us, email us, Facebook us, or reach out on the “Contact Us” form on our website for help.

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Did you know… We know that every dog owner loves his dog and offers him the best he can. Sometimes, the issue is that every dog owner cares for his dog according to his knowledge and we do things that are not good for the dog but still, we do it because we think it is good for the dog. Whether you are planning to bring a dog home or you already have one, here are just a few suggestions on ways you can treat your dog to keep him safe and happy.

Fulfilling Dog’s Needs: Just like humans, dogs also have needs to live a full, happy and satisfied life. A lot depends on the breed, and age of the dog. In addition to providing him the basic necessities, you have also to ensure that he is receiving everything he needs to be happy and healthy. This includes your company, toys, chews, bed, exercise, veterinarian care, etc.

Be Kind and Generous: Always treat your dog kindly with love. Just like humans, dogs also have emotions and they can get hurt if you will treat them harshly. You can scold and correct your dog without being cruel.

Treat Him as a Dog: There are many people who think that dogs can completely and clearly understand what we try to communicate. That is not completely true because a dog understands only the things that his owner taught him. You have to treat him like a dog (even though he is our furkid), not as a human who understands every word coming out of your mouth.

HAPPY TAILS! The following pets were adopted: Dodge, Jubilee and Willa!