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Dogs Available for Adoption

Thank you for choosing to adopt a pet. If you are interested in adopting a puppy or dog listed on this website please contact us or visit our shelter to meet the pets "in person." 

There is a nice selection of dogs and puppies for adoption. Stop in the shelter and take a look at them and perhaps take one home with you.

If the pet you are looking for has already found a family, please consider one of the other wonderful pets who needs you.

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home
 and every home would have a dog.

McCook Humane Society Guest Wally is a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier mix who came in as a stray, so we know absolutely nothing about his past. This handsome blue with white markings fellow wasn't claimed so he's now available for adoption. He's extremely friendly, and smart! He gets along with all of us, minds very well, walks extremely well on a leash, but other than that we really don't know anything except that we love this guy! Wally is an absolute gentleman, he loves everyone, and has been here since June. He truly doesn't understand that by barking people think he's being rude, he's just saying hi!

McCook Humane Society Guest Hambone came in as a stray with another dog, and the owner decided not to claim him. He's a beautiful blue Heeler mix who is very smart and super friendly. He needs to find a home with someone who has time to spend with him and will give him a job. He gets along with other dogs and with anyone he meets.

McCook Humane Society Guest Izzy came in as a stray and the owner decided not to claim her. She's a gorgeous black and white Border Collie mix who's highly intelligent and full of energy. She needs find a home with someone who has time to spend with her and will give her a job. She gets along with anyone she meets.

McCook Humane Society Guest Hannah came in as a stray, and we still can't believe that someone isn't missing this gorgeous red brindle Staffordshire Terrier mix! She is so mellow, extremely sweet and very friendly. She's an adult, she's very smart, walks extremely well on a leash, and gets along with anyone she meets.

McCook Humane Society Guest Lady was brought in as a stray and we're really still having a hard time believing that somebody wasn't missing this extremely gentle, sweet and very well behaved girl! She's an adult black and tan German Shepherd mix who truly is so well behaved, we expected an owner to come any minute to claim her. We don't know anything about her past, we do however know that she gets along with absolutely anyone she meets and is very intelligent.

McCook Humane Society Guest Ted comes to us because his owners had no time for a pup. This handsome black and white Border Collie, Corgi and Lab mix fella is just under a year old and needs to find a home where folks have time to spend with him. He needs a job! He needs something to do, someone to play with and interact with and someone to teach him basic training. He's extremely intelligent and so would be easily trained. This guy would make a wonderful dog for someone who had time and wants a companion for their busy lifestyle!

McCook Humane Society Guest This beautiful gal, Skye, comes to us because her previous owner is in a position where she can no longer care for her. This girl was her constant companion, you might as well have called her the gal's therapy dog. They were inseparable. She is super sweet with all humans, hasn't been around small children much, but with all folks fur-less this girl is a sweetheart. Fur-folk, not so much. Skye needs to be in a home where she is the only pet. She does not get along with other animals. That is her one and only flaw.

McCook Humane Society Guest Pretty and Smart... Pepper is all that! This white and black German Shorthaired Pointer mix adult is right around two years old, and comes to us because her owner can no longer care for her. She's very active, wants something to do, as anyone who knows this breed is aware. She gets along great with anyone she meets, with other dogs and with cats.

McCook Humane Society Guest Talk about cuteness overload! Teeko is a three year old adult male red Chihuahua mix who comes to us because his owner is moving and can't take him. He comes from a home with another small dog, who is also here needing a home, so we know he gets along with dogs. He's so friendly, and has that adorable "Always worried" look that some of the Chihuahua's have. Just makes you want to snuggle him!

McCook Humane Society Guest SkyLark, or Sky, as her nickname is... is a gorgeous Husky who comes to us because her previous owner doesn't have the room or the time for her. She's a very sweet gal and definitely all Husky. She's already starting to "talk" to us, and we have to giggle when she starts. We were told that she doesn't like to be around other animals, and would be best in a home where she is the only furchild.

The Tribe  
McCook Humane Society Guest The Tribe consists of a litter of five very sweet four month old pups who come to us because their owner couldn't find homes for the entire litter and just can't keep all of the pets. They were born on May 10th, the mom was a Boxer and Staffy mix, and the dad was an Australian Shepherd. We've got the last five, three girls and two guys. The males are Apache (white and tan), and Chippewa, who is red. The females are Shoshone, who is red merle with white markings, Cheyenne (liver and white with beautiful blue eyes), and Dakota who is tan and white. These are all young enough to still be trained, and old enough to understand that they are being trained! Come on in and meet these sweet, happy, energetic youngsters!

Website photos and pets' availability are updated weekly.  "Adopt a Pet" on KICX radio, 96.1 FM, airs each day between 7:30 and 8 am with the latest information on our adoptable pets or give us a call at the Shelter.